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TOvoice, Script Reading

What Is Script Reading?

Script reading is something that everyone needs to be on board with, if big Hollywood producers can't survive without them, why would you think you could.

When a writer sends their script to a producer, they in turn send it to a script reader who provides a one pager based on the potential of what this script is. In this one pager, the reader gives an estimate to what the budget is and could it be successful receiving funding/making money.

When a writer enlists the help of a script reader, the writer is looking for objective feedback, or in other words a dissection of the script. The story is broken down and assessed. Its commercial potential is looked through in terms of originality. It is then further broken down to its characters, their believability, and the structure of the story.

What works and what does not.

How to Please a Story Analyst is a great article that gives more insight into things that script readers don't like.

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