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This isn't really related to script reading; however, it's something I'm asked all the time.

What To Do With A Polished Completed Script!

I had a meeting a while back about a completed TV pilot and what to do next. There are so many thing you can do with a completed script, some of them have nothing to do with the industry, like letting it collect dust somewhere.

If you have connections within the industry, getting your script noticed and read will be easy peasy. If this is your very first script, there's a chance no one in the industry (big time tv stations/Netflix,Universal) will bother to read it.

There are some ways to get them to notice you as a writer.

Enter into some screenwriting and tv pilot contests, check out film festivals near you and see if they have a section for this. The closer you get to winning (obviously) the more likely you are to attract notice.

Try approaching production houses, do a little research first to see what kind of content they like, and pitch your script to them.

Make sure there's some sort of concept video to show what you want this to look like when filmed.

If none of this works, there's always YouTube, having a successful web series with many viewers could get your second season picked up.

Still stumped about your next step? Email me at


Check out these articles from Quora and Raindance as they go into more detail.

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