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What is a "TV Bible"?


I was recently in a discussion about TV series and their pilot episodes when the topic of a "Bible" came up. There seems to be a lot of mystery around this topic.

Information is devoted to every character within a TV series, a detailed description of the world and what the series is about. It contains the backstory to all characters involved and everything that happens to them after each episode. This is then shared among all writers attached to the show, especially new writers that need to catch up.

Character information is updated per episode to keep things consistent. Screencraft wrote an article on the vast importance of a Bible. If the character from the show mentions a new dislike or a sudden allergy, this is all added to the Bible. It's as many pages as needed from as little as 5 to 100. Here's a great article from Jane Friedman that goes into even more details about what a Bible is.

Still need some pointers on how to start one? Send an email to for some help!

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