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Film Festival Strategy

Festivals That Don't Have FILM FESTIVAL In The Name.

When looking for film festivals, don't pass on those that don't have "Film Festival" written in their main name like some of the ones listed below.

Shorts On Tap


Galway Film Fleadh



War on Screen

Grimm Up North


On top of those film festivals, make sure to check out film societies in and around your region. A film society which is a membership type of club, is another great way to get your film out there. Not only are the members avid cinephile, they can also become your next biggest fan with powerful word of mouth capabilities. Just be careful at which point they want your film. Is it before your premiere with a big fest, which could hurt the submission process, or after when everything has calmed down.

In my experience film societies aren't into paying a screening fee, nor do they have much in way of a heavy media/distribution presence. They are great for exposure and isn't that what every filmmakers wants anyways?

Need help figuring out where to start on your circuit journey? Email for some tips and pointers.

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