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What Exactly is Festival Strategy?

Whenever the words "Festival Strategy" comes up in a conversation with a filmmaker, the first thought is what I do is work with TIFF or any festival. Once they realize that's not what a festival strategist does, the loss of interest is very real and very quick. Because, being in festival strategy is very niche and something that sales/distribution companies do as part of their in house services. Not much filmmakers are convinced or aware that it works or what it does.

It frees up the your time while in post so that your attention isn't divided. When someone is actively looking for the best festivals suited to your film while it goes through colour correction, you can jump right into the festival circuit once post is done. There won't be, let's say a 6 month lag, between the final cut of your film to its first festival showing because you forgot a few submission deadlines.

The list can go on depending on what kind of help you're looking for and what goals you have set up before starting your project. Having some kind of festival strategy in pre/post-production can help with that.

Not sure what kind of help you need? Email with your questions!

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