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Canadian Black Culture: Where is it Now?


Did we even have such a thing?

I remember caribana as a kid watching everyone with these big ass colourful elaborate metal contraptions with all the feathers in the world just dazzling and shit. I haven't been in years now as my last memory was a wristband and being crazy hot. There wasn't much going on at that time. I'd love to someday subscribe to a YouTube channel or a podcast, with the views and opinions of black people on Trudeau and his scandal. Or what about the government and Torontarian renters, even Ford trying to own TTC. I'm not talking about movies or TV shows when I say this, I'm talking about everything else. Where is it? Is it just me or is there no Canadian content out there that's relevant and trust me I've been looking. I listen to podcast like "the breakfast Club," "state of the culture," (my fave!) And whatever revolt tv is showing. I admit I know more about black American culture, music and politics and I ain't ever been there (well once when I was 14, but that doesn't count). I've been looking for something similar for weeks now that has the same content and feel. Don't get me wrong, there is canadian stuff out there, but nothing that focuses on my concerns as a POC living in Toronto. Yes there are news outlets, but not enough commentary is given. For example, the apartment complex in Toronto that went on strike late last year, what was up with that?. The government made them pay at the end of the day, but what was the initial reason for boycotting, and were their demands met? If such content exists, please, someone let me know! I also thought Toronto had a whole underground music scene. Who remembers when poetry slams were a weekly thing downtown Toronto, mixed with a live band. What happened to that scene? I remember being able to walk around downtown Toronto on a random night and discover some live music or a poetry slam. Damn I miss those days.

It has me thinking of why there isn't such content anymore and if there is, why can't I find it. Are we just not existent as canadian black culture? Do we not care about blacks in Canada? Are we not interesting enough because we compare ourselves to the US? There are so many questions I want to ask, but are they the right ones?

Got a tip about some cool podcasts I should be listening to? Send them to

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