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It's a New Year

Here's all the well wishes and positive vibes for 2020 cuz #itsouryear

After another hiatus (I love doing these!) of me just working on myself and things that I wanted start and finish, I'm happy to say that I have completed the final draft of my first short. I'm not new to the world of film, but I am new to the world of filmmaking as a creator and it really is scary. Everytime I sent out my script for feedback, there was that fear that they won't understand what the film is about, they won't like the genre or won't like my script and they won't like the fact that I thought my script was good enough to submit for their opinion. Let's face it, everytime you share something that you created, whomever is looking is on some level judging your work.

I've talked about needing to send your script in to someone with fresh eyes, and I still believe that, I also now believe that it's not as easy as it sounds. I think that sometimes in the film industry when started out that not all filmmakers are open to feedback. I've done the script thing where I've presented some questions about their script and had endless explanations about why they wrote the scene the way they did. My response is always, "If I can't get all that information from reading your script, then something is missing."

Going forward, I asked myself those same questions and ended up really stumping myself, and took the two years I needed to get my short script to where I wanted it to be. It's not perfect, but I'm proud. I do hope to start a new thread called; The Filmmaker's Journey, and hope you all are ready for the ride.

If you guys want me to go back and track my process of writing this script let me know as I will be starting from getting it into screenwriting festivals and the process of letting other script readers/editors give me feedback on my first born script.

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