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About TOvoice

10+ years of writing experience in our Writers Collective in almost every genre for film and television. We at TOvoice edit, doctor, and read scripts for anyone that needs help and feedback. We specialize in horror, thriller, mystery, and comedy.


We also provide synopsis and logline services.


Are you a director or producer looking to make your next film or tv pilot? Check out our Writers Room

Meet the Team

Gizelle Lue

Over 10 years of writing thriller, mystery and fantasy/sci-fi. Gizelle joined the collective to continuously have support and feedback on the different projects she works on.

Samia Darkazalli

An extensive background in standup comedy, she brings her experience to write and give advice to all comedic works within the collective. As a writer for the last 7 years she excels  at skits and dialogue.

Todd Andrews

No stranger to niche horror flicks, Todd started writing about all things that go bump in the night. After winning short story competitions her made the switch into film where he still writes and contributes to the horror genre.


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